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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ocean Sciences 2010

Hello everyone.

I have finally got my first oral presentation at an international conference. I will be talking about the vaguries of d13C in the Southern Ocean at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon in February.

I'm wondering if any of you will be attending the meeting.

Let me know



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Magical Prehistory Tour

In light of Rachel's good news, I thought I'd also take it upon myself to post an update. Any of you who are on Facebook (which is most of you, I guess) probably saw the updates Graeme (who I suppose I should be referring to as 'Dr. Lloyd' now), Phil (Finches), and I kept posting from across the middle part of the US over the last month or so. We were all in Cincinnati (along with Mark Bell, James Tarver, and Phil Donoghue) for the North American Paleontology Conference. All of us presented talks there, and they seemed to go over very well. After the meeting, Graeme, Phil, and I drove the ~3000 miles to Seattle, which is an excellent trip I would recommend to anyone (you know, with all that spare time and extraneous cash I'm sure everyone has on their hands...). I won't bore you all with endless stories about what we did, but I've posted a slideshow in case any of you are interested.
Hopefully I'll get to see most of you at SVP this September (I've heard rumors of a get-together ahead of time, but who knows if anything will come of that). Also, are any of you planning on going to GSA this October? It's being held just up the road from me in Portland, and while I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'll be going, a visit to Oregon is another trip I would recommend to anyone.
Hope you all are doing well.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Greetings from Bristol! (but not for much longer)

Hello there chaps and chapesses!

I've got a job! An actual, real, proper job! In Glasgow, of all places. At the Hunterian museum, cataloguing their entire collections (well, writing brief descriptions of the contents of each and every drawer and shelf, to be put onto a google-linked searchable database). Which may not sound much fun, but I'm excited!
I've been scouring flatshare websites, and I'm planning to go flat-hunting up there at the weekend. Got to get a move on, because I'm supposed to start at the end of the month! Eek! Although, of course, being a university-run thing they're very slow on paperwork and I haven't had anything in writing yet! Or been given a firm start date. But I'm being pateint and not panicking yet.

So looks like I won't be going to SVP after all! Or any of the gigs I'd bought tickets for - there's a David Attenborough thing on at the Colston in September that I really wanted to go to! D'you think I can fly down for one evening?!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Year and Cold Start!

Hello, greetings and all that jazz.

I am still here in good old .DE and merrily procrastinating my way into the second year of my PhD. First big, proper conference coming up at the end of the month, but I appear to have lost the ability to panic too much anymore.

So what's new? Um, it's cold. In fact so cold we had an iceberg in the harbour at the start of the month. I was going to scan it in, but of course left the article at home this morning.

Not much of an update I'll admit, still just thought I'd stop in and say hi....oh and gloat slightly over the fact I am off to Australia for a month in February...Mwhahahahahaha!

Take care of yourselves


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas, one and all! Does anyone still read this thing?

It sounds like you're all off doing far more exciting things than me...I'm pretty much doing exactly the same as this time last year, the only differences being that I now volunteer in Biology at Bristol Museum (which is fun) since Tim Ewin abandoned us for the NHM (but can't say I blame him!).
My trip to Oz in January/February was amazing, even though I didn't discover anything mind-blowing on the dig...a few scrappy pieces of dino and turtle bone mostly. But it was still pretty damn cool! (even though it was about 35 degrees in the shade!).

Me breaking up some rock. We found a nice big ornithopod femur in this block!

Anyone going to SVP next year? It's being held in our own fair Bristol! Maybe I'll see a few of you there! In the meantime, everyone have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Well hello there!

It's been a while since I've put in any sort of update, so I thought I'd bung in a quick post to let you all know what I've been up to. I had a couple of weeks of fieldwork out on the U.S. Gulf Coast in May, and I've spent most of my time since processing samples and doing microscope work. Which has been dull, quite frankly, but the data is now starting to trickle in. I'll be doing a poster at Palass on what I've done so far. And while we're on the subject, who else is going this year? I've taken a room at the Kelvin Hotel, is anyone else going to be staying there?

Other exciting news: for those who aren't aware, next year's Progressive Palaeontology will be in Birmingham. You are all of course cordially invited, although I understand that those in a different timezone may not be able to make the trip. Preparations are going well, but I do find all this teamwork rather challenging. Palass will also be in Birmingham next year, so 2009 will be a bit of a Brummie double-whammy.

My first paper will also be out in December, in the very fine journal Palynology. It's not the most groundbreaking paper ever written, but I'm still quite pleased with it. Has anyone else got any publications in the pipeline? I've enjoyed reading Luke's, Rob's and Koen's papers from their MSc projects, and I'd very much like to read any more papers that get published.

Time to get back to the lab.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Neil and Cheryl tie the knot

T'was a lovely day and the bride looked radiant. There are a few pics on facebook for all to see. Hope you're all well